PROFESSIONAL Driving positions are available each season. Applicants will interview and go through a training for the specifics of the job. The applicant should be detail oriented, safety conscious and efficient in their communications. They will be operating independently during shuttles but will be in close quarters with other team members throughout the day, so need to be clean, tidy, polite and comfortable working smartly and co-operatively around small crews. The day typically begins at 10 am and ends as late as 6. They need to be able to respond to phone calls and texts at night regarding scheduling when incoming rough weather may reduce business demand. Drivers need to be cognizant of operating client's vehicles and will be following certain protocols to ensure the safest and most practical business needs are maintained. Weekends are the busiest time and availability from late June to the middle of September, will be most favorable. It is a fun job in a beautiful setting, and rewarding for the road warrior. Contact can be made through the Digger Line at (406) 823 9238 with a phone call or a text, stating your interest in a driving position. A resume can be sent to diggerdrivershuttle@gmail.com but please reach out via the phone first.