Digger Driver Shuttle is a vehicle transport service for fishing and recreation vehicles on the Yellowstone River between Carbella and Springdale. You call us, and we collect the details of your vehicle, license plate and key code and our drivers deliver your vehicle to your “take out” point. We rarely meet our clients. You don't need to be there, as we take care of your vehicle and then lock it up at the “take out” site. We accept all credit cards, and other standard forms of payment.

Rates start at $25 for the classic floats, and then increase based on distance. For specifics go to the Pricing page. We are able to do shuttles beyond the stated territory, such as into Gardiner and down to Greycliff, so call, or visit shuttlesnap.com, a booking app that allows you to schedule, find confirmation and pay online, if you prefer the digital medium to phone conversations.

We are open everyday Spring through Fall, from 8 to 8, with last orders at 6pm. Our (406) 823 9238 line is the best way to get information and book. We look forward to your business. We offer a secure and structured service, to enhance the river experience. Feel free to visit us on Facebook to read reviews and other news. Tight lines